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1072 Paseo Del Sol
Puerto De Luna (Santa Rosa), NM 88435 USA
+1 575 4720472
Manager: Joe Nichols
  Michael Behrens
  Andrea Behrens
Filing Date: 08/19/2010
Entity Type: New Mexico Domestic Limited-Liability Company
File Number: 4332938
EIN: 33-1222728
Filind State: New Mexico (NM), USA
Registered Agent: Montgomery & Andrews, Professional Association
  325 Paseo De Peralta
  Santa Fe, NM 87501

Pecos Valley Investment LLC was founded to invest in New Mexico, USA into real estate and other businesses, preferable agricultural activities.

The Pecos Valley Ranch

In 2011 ranch land was purchased in Guadalupe County, New Mexico, south of Puerto De Luna (Santa Rosa).
This Ranch was named Pecos Valley Ranch (www.pecos-valley-ranch.com). The Ranch encompasses more than 8,200 acres. The northern border is the Pecos Valley and Puerto De Luna.

The ranch is located in southwestern New Mexico, 100 miles of Albuquerque, near Santa Rosa. The Highway 91 leads from Santa Rosa to the historic village Puerto de Luna. It follows for 8 miles the lush green valley of the Pecos River to the south. This is one of the most beautiful roads in all of New Mexico

Pecos Valley Investment LLC is going to invest in improvements of the ranch in the next years. Improvements will be:

Creek Ranch LLC will be responsible to make the improvements happen under the guidance of Pecos Valley Investment LLC.

Karte der Pecos Valley Ranch. Hier hat die Creek Ranch ihre wunderschöne Working Cattle und Guest Ranch aufgebaut

The Ranchland and the surrounding countryside is still open range with large pastures, owned by ranchers, who still run cow-calf operations. Thus the Pecos Valley Ranch is a cattle ranch since the end of the 19th century and the cattle are still cowboyed every day. At the northern border you find the old settlement Puerto De Luna, where the farmers grow the famous Puerto De Luna chilli.

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