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Santa Rosa, the city of the natural lakes, is the seat of the Guadalupe County in south eastern New Mexico. It is located at the Historic Route 66 and at the I40, about 100 miles east of Albuquerque and 9 miles north of the Pecos Valley Ranch. The charming old town with the old church, the historic County Building and the Plaza invites since 1930 guests, travelling the Route 66 or the I40. The atmosphere of route 66 lingers still in Santa Rosa.

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Look into the astonishing Rout 66 Auto Museum www.route66automuseum.com and share the fascination of historic classic cars with Bozo, who established the museum 1999. More than 30 outstanding old cars including classics, vintage, chrome, street rods, and more are on display.

The Blue Hole, the only deep water diving training place available in more than 1000 miles distance. This is one of the astonishing natural springs in Santa Rosa.

Look into one of the very good restaurants in Santa Rosa: Santa Fe Grill 2249 E Route 66, Santa Rosa, NM 88435, USA, Tel. 1 575-472-5568 Joseph`s Bar & Grill 1775 Rte 66 Santa Rosa, NM 88435 USA, Tel. +1 575-472-3361

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