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Puerto de Luna is an old village of some hundred people with the look and feel of a Spanish settlement, which it once was. Tall cottonwoods spread thick branches over old adobe houses. The two old churches are still in use. Landmarks are the original county courthouse and the notorious General Store of Grzelachowski, which was used as jail also. In the wild times it was the meeting place for the ranchers, cowboys and the bad men. Here Billy the Kid used to hang out with friends and his gang.

Dirt lanes veer away from the deep canyon of the Pecos River The scenic 8 miles country road (Hwy 91) from Santa Rosa crosses the Pecos River in a narrow old bridge, which stands near the site of the old bridge, erected by Francisco Vasquez de Corona in 1542.

The Highway 91 leads from Santa Rosa to the historic village Puerto de Luna. It follows for 8 miles the lush green valley of the Pecos River to the south. This is one of the most beautiful roads in all of New Mexico.

The Creek Ranch neighbors to the south of Puerto de Luna.

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